Okay, this is real. Danny never looked at me like that.




Happy 37th Birthday, Mike Schur!

“So, would you consider yourself a nerd?”
“Look at me.”
“Well, you’re a creator…”
“Without-without looking, do you spell wookiee ‘w-o-o-k-i-e-e’?”
“Yes I do.”
“Then I’m a nerd.”


“And for the record Mike says he hates being on camera, but I think he hates being on camera as Mose. Because if I may say, Mike doesn’t say this a lot, but he was the lead in plays at Harvard. Because underneath his nine sweatshirts, he’s a good looking guy and such great comic timing and kind of a waspy energy, which is very watchable. What he didn’t like to play is a weird newt with a neck beard who sits in outhouses and is a prop — literally the character that Dwight Schrute thinks is a fool. I don’t think he wanted to play that part, but — and he would be so busy and he would never do it — but I’d love to write a part for him for my character to go on a date with.” — Mindy Kaling (x)

Favorite Philly Justice OTPs

↳ Nick and Joey